Books on Teaching and Learning

Our Yale-NUS College, working closely with the Yale-NUS College library, is assembling a collection of the best books on teaching and learning. From studying other Teaching and Learning Centers, and from our own experience, we recommend the list of books below. We will be purchasing these books for the library and hosting a second copy of these books in our Center offices. If you have a favourite book to recommend, please send us an email to and we will add it to our list!


Book Title Authors
How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching Ambrose, Susan, et al.
What the Best College Students Do Bain, Ken
What the Best College Teachers Do Bain, Ken
Contemplative Practices in Higher Education: Powerful Methods to Transform Teaching and Learning Barbezat, Daniel, and Bush, Mirabai
Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty Barkley, Elizabeth F.
Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching and Learning Bates, (Tony) A.W. and Sangra, Albert
Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking and Active Learning in the Classroom Bean, John C.
Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age Bereiter, Carl
Surpassing Ourselves: An Inquiry Into the Nature and Implications of Expertise Bereiter, Carl & Marlene Scardamalia
Assessing and Improving Your Teaching: Strategies and Rubrics for Faculty Growth and Student Learning Blumberg, Phyllis
Advice for New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimus Boice, Robert
Professors as Writers: A Self-Help Guide to Productive Writing Boice, Robert
The Practice of University History Teaching Booth, Alan and, Hyland, Paul
Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning Bowen, Jose Antonio
Teaching for Critical Thinking: Tools and Techniques to Help Students Question Their Assumptions Brookfield, Stephen D.
Developing Critical Thinkers: Challenging Adults to Explore Alternative Ways of Thinking and Acting Brookfield, Stephen D.
Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms Brookfield, Stephen D. & Stephen Preskill
Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Brown, Peter, et al.
Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments Bruff, Derek
The Culture of Education Bruner, Jerome
Teaching in the Art Museum: Interpretation as Experience Burnham, Rika and Kai-Kee, Elliot
Minds on Fire: How Role-Immersion Games Transform College Carnes, Mark C.
How to Design and Teach a Hybrid Course: Achieving Student-Centered Learning through Blended Classroom, Online and Experiential Activities Caulfield, Jay
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School Committee on the Developments in the Science of Learning
Managing Online Instructor Workload: Strategies for Finding Balance and Success Conceição, Simone C.O., and Lehman, Rosemary M
Purposeful Co-Teaching: Real Cases and Effective Strategies Conderman, Greg, Bresnahan, Val, and Pedersen, Theresa
Professor Mommy: Finding Work-Family Balance in Academia Connelly, Rachel and Ghodsee, Kristen
Effective Teaching and Mentoring: Realizing the Transformational Power of Adult Learning Experiences Daloz, Laurent, A.
Tools for Teaching Davis, Barbara Gross
Facilitating Seven Ways of Learning: A Resource for More Purposeful, Effective, and Enjoyable College Teaching Davis, James R., and Arend, Bridget D.
Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite & The Way to a Meaningful Life Deresiewicz, William
Learner-Centered Teaching: Putting the Research on Learning Into Practice Doyle, Terry
The Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain Doyle, Terry & Todd Zakrajsek
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Dweck, Carol
The Aims of College Teaching Eble, Kenneth, E.
The Educated Mind: How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding Egan, Keiran
The Essence of Good Teaching Ericksen, Stanford C.
The Joy of Teaching: A Practical Guide for New College Instructors Filene, Peter
Creating Significant Learning Experiences Fink, L. Dee
The First Year of College Teaching Fink, L. Dee
Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks Gelman, Andrew and Nolan, Deborah
Blended Learning: Across the Disciplines, Across the Academy Glazer, Francine S
To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development, Volume 31 Groccia, James E. & Laura Cruz
Tools for Teaching Gross Davis, Barbara
Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking Halpern, Diane F.
Transforming Undergraduate Education: Theory That Compels and Practices That Succeed Harward, Donald W.
Disciplinary Styles in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Exploring Common Ground Huber, Mary Taylor, and Morreale. Sherwyn
Teaching What You Don’t Know Huston, Therese
Engaging Imagination: Helping Students Become Creative and Reflective Thinkers James, Allison & Stephen D. Brookfield
Who Teaches? Who Learns? Authentic Student/Faculty Partners Jenkins, Robin R. & Karen T. Romer
Teaching Lab Science Courses Online: Resources for Best Practices, Tools, and Technology Jeschofnig, Linda, and Jeschofnig, Peter
Academic Controversy: Enriching College Instruction Through Intellectual Conflict Johnson, David W., et al.
Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices Jootsen, Tanya
Using Reflection and Metacognition to Improve Student Learning: Across the Disciplines, Across the Academy (New Pedagogies and Practices for Teaching in Higher Education) Kaplan, Matthew & Naomi Silver
The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity Kaufman, James C. & Robert Sternberg, Editors
Course for Change in Writing: A Selection from the NEW/Iowa Institute Klaus, Carl H. & Nancy Jones, Editors
Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty Lang, James M.
On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching Lang, James M.
Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching: How to “Be There” for Distance Learners Lehman, Rosemary M., and Conceição, Simone C.O.
Vitalizing Music History – or How (Not) to Teach the Canon Lewis, Hannah
Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds Light, Richard J.
Documenting Learning with ePortfolios: A Guide for College Instructors Light, Tracy Penny, Chen, Hellen L, and Ittelson, John C.
Mastering the Techniques of Teaching Lowman, Joseph
The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching Manning, Susan and Johnson, Kevin E
Effective Teaching for STEM Disciplines: From Learning Theory to College Teaching Mastascusa, Edward J., et al.
McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers McKeachie, Wilbert
Teaching Students to Think Critically Meyers, Chet
Promoting Active Learning: Strategies for the College Classroom Meyers, Chet & Thomas B. Jones
Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology Miller, Michelle D.
The Art and Craft of Teaching: Ideas, techniques and practical advice for communicating your knowledge to your students and involving them in the learning process Morganroth Gullette, Margaret, Editor
Creating Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-Awareness and Learning Skills Nilson, Linda
Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time Nilson, Linda & Claudia J. Stanny
Teaching at Its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructor Nilson, Linda B.
To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development, Volume 28 Nilson, Linda B. & Judith E. Miller
Tips for Improving Testing and Grading Ory, John C. & Katherine E. Ryan
Lessons from the Virtual Classroom: The Realities of Online Teaching Palloff, Rena M. and Pratt, Keith
The Excellent Online Instructor: Strategies for Professional Development Palloff, Rena M., and Pratt, Keith
The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal Palmer, Parker J.   and Zajonc, Arthur
On Teaching the Minority Student: Problems and Strategies Pemberton, Gayle
Team Teaching: Across the Disciplines, Across the Academy (New Pedagogies and Practices for Teaching in Higher Education) Plank, Kathryn M.
Handbook of College Teaching: Theory and Applications Prichard, Keith W. & R. McLaren Sawyer, Editors
Teaching From a Multicultural Perspective Roberts, Helen, et al.
The Peak Performing Professor: A Practical Guide to Productivity and Happiness Robinson, Susan
The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences Sawyer, Keith R.
Conquering the Content: A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Course Design Smith, Robert M
Creating the Future of Faculty Development: Learning from the Past, Understanding the Present Sorcinelli, Mary Deane, et al.
A Guide to Online Course Design: Strategies for Student Success Stavredes, Tina, and Herder, Tiffany
Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do Steele, Claude, M.
Alone Together: A Meditation on the Future of Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age Turkle, Sherry
The Best of The Teaching Professor Various
Assessment Clear and Simple: A Practical Guide for Institutions, Departments and General Education Walvoord, Barbara
Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment in College Walvoord, Barbara E., and Anderson. Virginia Johnson
Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice Weimer, Maryellen
Peer Teaching: To Teach is to Learn Twice Whitman, Neal A.
Understanding By Design Wiggins, Gant and McTighe, Jay
Doing Research to Improve Teaching and Learning: A Guide for College and University Faculty Williams, Kimberly M.