What we do

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) fosters, recognizes, and promotes excellence and innovation in teaching and learning at Yale-NUS. Our mission is to help build a community of teaching practice that is open, friendly, and collaborative. We seek to help faculty refine and achieve their own pedagogical goals and to promote intentionality in our shared practices. The CTL also directly supports student learning on campus by managing the Peer Tutoring program and coordinating Yale-NUS’ learning accommodations for students with certified learning disabilities and special needs.

We connect people and ideas, both within our living-learning community and by serving as a conduit to higher education collaborators across Singapore and the world. We work alongside colleagues in the Writer’s Center, Educational Resources and Technology, the Library, and the Teaching, Learning, and Advising Committee to support faculty in their teaching. The CTL adapts global expertise on best teaching practice to our local, liberal arts context. We produce knowledge and conducts research drawn from Yale-NUS’ innovative curriculum and dedicated faculty.

We achieve this by doing the following:

Signature Programs and Resources

Faculty Support

Student Support