• Teaching and learning of science for modern und...

    4 April 2018 (Wed) , 12pm - 1pm
    At Classroom 16
    Speaker(s): Jason Pun Chun Shing

    The University of Hong Kong (HKU) at over 100 year old is the oldest higher education institution in Hong Kong.  The curriculum at HKU underwent a major reform in 2012 when the university education in Hong Kong changed from a 3-year to a 4-year system.  In the new curriculum for science students, we incorporated compulsive learning modules to gi...

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  • Disability in Academia: Lunch Conversations wit...

    3 April 2018 (Tue) , 11.45pm - 1pm
    At Classroom 15

    Disability studies is a burgeoning field, and is studied across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Join Kevin Goldstein and Takashi Obana for lunch to share their experience studying disability in academia, such as the current hot topics of critical disability studies, differences between social and medical models, and how they navig...

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  • Integrating information literacy into your syll...

    9 March 2018 (Fri) , 12:00PM-1:00PM
    At High Performing Computing Room (next to Programme Room 2 in Library)

    Information literacy skills and attitudes equip students to be thoughtful researchers and participants in the information environment. These skills and attitudes also help students select relevant, reliable sources for their papers, avoid plagiarism, and think critically. Join Nancy Gleason from CTL and Bethany Wilkes from the Library to get sug...

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  • Assessing the Value of Contemplative Education

    5 March 2018 (Mon) , 12:00PM-1:00PM
    At Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre

    A talk by Karen Litfin, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington Contemplative Education integrates introspection and experiential learning into academic study in order to support intellectual and social engagement, develop self-understanding as well as analytical and critical capacities, and cultivate skills for ...

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  • Teaching Recognition Dinner

    24 January 2018 (Wed) , 5:30pm
    At Oculus and Performance Hall Foyer

    Hosted by the President’s Office, ERT and the CTL The Yale-NUS College Teaching Innovation Grant (TIG) is designed to foster reflective enhancements in teaching methods and provide support to faculty in their pedagogy, curriculum design and application of technology. This dinner recognizes the efforts of TIG recipients and provides you an opport...

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  • How to Conduct Education Research and Publish I...

    22 November 2017 (Wed) , 5:30pm
    At Saga Lecture Theatre 1

    A faculty workshop led by Dr. Harry Hubball, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia. Drawing on extensive international research and supervision experiences with academic leaders in research-intensive universities, this interactive workshop focuses on rigorous and systematic educational inquiry to enhance curricula...

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  • To Begin to Think to Write Again: A Workshop on...

    10 November 2017 (Fri) , 12:30pm - 2pm
    At Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre

    Led by Thomas Bartscherer, Peter Sourian Senior Lecturer in the Humanities and former Director of the Language and Thinking Program at Bard College Workshop Description: “What makes us think?,” asks Hannah Arendt in The Life of the Mind. Presumably, anyone would agree that a central aim of liberal education is to make us think, and...

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  • Peer Observation Training for Faculty

    8 November 2017 (Wed)
    At CTL

    The Centre for Teaching and Learning is offering a training to all Yale-NUS College faculty members on how to conduct summative peer observations at the dates and times shown below: Monday, October 9, 3:00pm – 4:30pm (Classroom 16) Wednesday, October 11, 2:00pm – 3:30pm (CTL) Friday, October 13, 9:00am – 10:15am (CTL) Wednesday, October 25, 9:30...

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  • Workshop and Lecture by Carl Wieman

    28 April 2017 (Fri)

    Yale-NUS will host Nobel laureate Carl Wieman, who will present a workshop on how to promote active learning in the classroom, as well as a public talk on Scientific Approaches to Science Education. Mark your calendars!

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  • The Digital Education Landscape by Lucas Swineford

    23 March 2017 (Thu) , 5pm - 6pm
    At Saga Lecture Theatre 1

    Lucas Swineford, Executive Director of Digital Education at the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, will be visiting Yale-NUS and delivering a talk titled “The Digital Education Landscape” on 23 March 2017 (Thursday), 5PM – 6PM at Saga Lecture Theatre 1 Abstract: The term “online education” had been used for many years to de...

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  • How to Design Teaching Portfolio

    22 March 2017 (Wed) , 11.30am – 1pm
    At Programme Room 1, Library, East Core
    Speaker(s): Joanne Roberts, Bryan Penprase

    This workshop will be conducted by Joanne Roberts, Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Bryan Penprase, Director of the CTL, on Wednesday, March 22nd, 11:30-1:00PM, EC Program Room 1. The Teaching Portfolio is a key part of tenure and promotion at Yale-NUS as well as NUS-wide teaching awards. In this workshop, we will discuss the...

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  • Making Lectures Engaging

    15 February 2017 (Wed) , 12pm - 1pm
    At Programme Room 1, Library, East Core

    We will offer a great lunch and a discussion of techniques to liven up a large class and enhance learning within your class via peer learning and other interactive techniques.

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  • CTL Open House

    3 February 2017 (Fri) , 4pm
    At CTL Office

    We will be having an Open House for our new CTL space (formerly the FSO space). Come by for refreshments, discussions and drinks!

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  • Intercultural Engagement in the Classroom

    5 October 2016 (Wed) , 12pm - 1:30pm
    At Program Room 2

    Students and faculty at Yale-NUS College have a wide diversity of background experiences. This diversity is a strength of the College, but it can also lead to some challenges in the classroom. In this workshop, Sara Amjad, Student Affairs Intercultural Engagement Manager, and Kristi Lemm, Psychology faculty member and CTL affiliate, will discuss...

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  • Capstone Advising Workshop

    7 September 2016 (Wed) , 12pm - 1pm
    At Program Room 2, Library, East Core

    What are some of the best practices in advising a capstone? How should a capstone be graded? These were questions that will be addressed by the Center for Teaching and Learning in the Capstone Advising Workshop. We will discuss the Guidelines and Regulations AY2016/2017 for the capstone project, as well as share some resources on...

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  • Talks by Eric Mazur, August 22 & 23 (Monday...

    22 August 2016 (Mon)
    Speaker(s): Eric Mazur

    Eric Mazur is the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University, Member of the Faculty of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and President Elect of the Optical Society. Mazur is a prominent physicist known for his contributions in nanophotonics, an internationally recogni...

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  • “Teaching as Performance”-Brian Bro...

    31 March 2016 (Thu) , 4.30 P.M.
    At Program Room , Library, East Core

    Brian Brophy has worked with students in the United States, India and other countries to develop their abilities to understand complex social issues and to also learn more about themselves. As a professor, theatre and acting has been his medium, and it can also apply to fields outside of theatre. Hear from Brian about his...

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  • Catching and Holding Interest in the College Cl...

    23 March 2016 (Wed) , 4.30-6.00 P.M.
    At Program Room 2, Library, East Core

    Why do some students become involved and interested in their studies and why do they continue in a particular academic discipline? Do these highly motivated students learn more and obtain higher grades in their courses?  In recent years, Judith Harackiewicz and her graduate students have studied the factors that influence academic motivation and...

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  • Talks and Workshops by Scott Strobel & Jenn...

    3 March 2016 (Thu)

    We are delighted to announce our visit by Jennifer Frederick and Scott Strobel. They will both be in Singapore for several days: Scott will be giving a public talk and Jennifer will be conducting a workshop for Faculty. Please mark your calendars and come to these events! Public Talk : “Plastic-Eating Fungi & Other Wonders...

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  • Deb Pires Talk & Workshop, February 4 &...

    4 February 2016 (Thu)
    Speaker(s): Deb Pirez

    “Results from Technology-Enhanced Teaching at UCLA.” February 4,  4:30PM East Core, Library, Program Room 2 A formal talk to faculty and staff about tech-enhanced teaching in the introductory biology courses at UCLA. The talk will mention our strategies for transforming the curriculum in Introductory Life Sciences at UCLA; the role of technology...

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  • Liberal Arts in a Conservative Education Enviro...

    15 January 2016 (Fri) , 4 P.M.
    At Program Room 2 (East Core, Library)
    Speaker(s): Swapan S. Jain

    Introduction of traditionally unorthodox tools in K-12 schools in Ludhiana (India) inspire students, teachers, and parents alike to face and challenge commonly held belief systems which often are an impediment to learning and education. I will discuss our efforts in the following three areas: (i) Science learning by demonstration and activities,...

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  • End of Semester Teaching Talks – Nov. 23,...

    23 November 2015 (Mon)
    Speaker(s): Darryl Yong

    We are delighted to announce our two first Visiting Scholars of Pedagogy to Yale-NUS College. They will both be in Singapore for several days and are giving talks about teaching, and working intensively with faculty on the scholarship, philosophy and effective techniques of good teaching. Please mark your calendars and come to these events! Nove...

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  • Faculty Discussion on Grades and Assessment at ...

    5 November 2015 (Thu) , 4:30 - 6:00PM
    At Programme Room 2, East Core

    What is the connection between student learning, performance and grading? How should I grade my class? And how have these things been done at Yale-NUS College? These topics and more will be discussed in our faculty discussion on Grading.

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  • Daniel Bernstein, “What Does a C Grade Me...

    22 October 2015 (Thu)
    At Programme Room 2, East Core
    Speaker(s): Daniel Bernstein

    Daniel Bernstein, a world-renowned expert on teaching and assessment, former President of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Educator in Residence at NUS will be giving a talk entitled – “What Does a C Grade Mean?”. This talk will include lunch and begins at noon in the Programme Room 2...

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  • Discussion on Experiential Learning, Week 7 and...

    15 October 2015 (Thu) , 4:30 - 6:00PM
    At Programme Room 2, East Core
    Speaker(s): Trisha Craig, Adelle Lim

    What are some of the goals of Week 7 and experiential learning? And how can that connect to your classes and the common curriculum? Come share your thoughts with your colleagues at our Experiential Learning faculty discussion.

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  • Mid-Semester Evaluations and Assessment Workshop

    17 September 2015 (Thu) , 4:30PM
    At Programme Room 2, East Core
    Speaker(s): Paul O'Keefe

    "An unexamined course is not worth teaching" - to misquote Plato's Apology. In the same way that we desire for our students to reflect on what they are learning, we should also reflect on how we are teaching. A good mid-semester survey can save the course, fix some stubborn problems and breathe fresh ideas into your teaching, making both your li...

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  • John Kelley, “The Emotions of First Year ...

    13 August 2015 (Thu)
    Speaker(s): John Kelley

    "It's about them!" (inverse -> "it's not about you") "Think about them!" (inverse -> "don't think about yourself") "Know what you are doing!" (corollary -> "tell them what you are doing!")

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  • August Workshops on Pedagogy

    4 August 2015 (Tue)
    Speaker(s): Nancy Gleason, Bryan Penprase

    During August 4-6, our new faculty and many experienced faculty joined in a series of workshops to discuss teaching at Yale-NUS with the new Director of the Teaching and Learning  Center, Bryan Penprase, and the Associate Director, Nancy Gleason. During the talk ideas for designing courses with Assessable Learning Objectives, the Bloom Taxonomy ...

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