August Workshops on Pedagogy

4 August 2015 (Tue)
Speaker(s): Nancy Gleason, Bryan Penprase

During August 4-6, our new faculty and many experienced faculty joined in a series of workshops to discuss teaching at Yale-NUS with the new Director of the Teaching and Learning  Center, Bryan Penprase, and the Associate Director, Nancy Gleason.

During the talk ideas for designing courses with Assessable Learning Objectives, the Bloom Taxonomy of Learning and the AACU Rubrics were presented by Nancy Gleason, while Bryan Penprase described ways to create an active classroom, and the technique known as Constructive Alignment, and modified Learning Taxonomies.


This site includes electronic versions of the materials discussed at this workshop. All files are PDF documents, unless marked otherwise. These materials are intended to help new faculty design their courses, but are part of a growing collection of materials that will be made available to the entire Yale-NUS community as we set up our Teaching and Learning Center. Please send suggested favorite articles to Bryan Penprase ( or Nancy Gleason (

Materials Discussed at  Yale-NUS College August Pedagogy Workshops – August 4-6, 2015.

Additional Materials for the Humanities August Pedagogy Session – August 6, 2015

Presentation Slides for TLC Center introduction and Course Design and Assessment for Humanities by Nancy Gleason (New_Faculty-training-Aug_2015_ver1_humanities) [PPT] (New_Faculty-training-Aug_2015_ver1_humanities) [PDF].

Presentation Slides by Bryan Penprase on Active Learning, Digital Humanities and other innovative teaching in the Humanities (

Exemplary Sample Syllabus for “Tales of Troy” by Brett Mulligan, Haverford College – note the use of Learning Objectives (“by the end of this course you will be able to .. “)(csts215_description2015).

Teaching Portfolio Commentary from Brett Mulligan, illustrating some of how Bloom’s taxonomy applied in his courses, and giving remarkable insight into how to make a class into a “happy ship” (to use his metaphor from Master and Commander) (mulliganportfolio2009)

LACOL (Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning) page, with links to discussions about “Distracted Reading” which is one project for these liberal arts colleges in the US.