Catching and Holding Interest in the College Classroom

23 March 2016 (Wed) , 4.30-6.00 P.M.
At Program Room 2, Library, East Core

Why do some students become involved and interested in their studies and why do they continue in a particular academic discipline? Do these highly motivated students learn more and obtain higher grades in their courses?  In recent years, Judith Harackiewicz and her graduate students have studied the factors that influence academic motivation and we believe that students’ goals, perceived values, and interests play an important role in academic success. In this talk, she will discuss longitudinal classroom studies that document the importance of perceived utility value for interest and performance in college courses, as well as experimental laboratory studies that show the potential for promoting interest and value perceptions in students.  This basic research provides the foundation for intervention research that aims to improve motivation for students.  She will review the implications of this work for educational practice.

Light snacks and coffee will be served.

Here is a Reading Packet (Catching & Holding Interest in the Classroom) that you might be interested in as background reading for the session.