Critical Conversations: Contention and Belonging in the Classroom

23 April 2021 (Fri) , 9AM

What kinds of conversations do we want to have in the classroom? How do we plan for them, and how do we manage ones that arise spontaneously? As faculty, we have a range of pedagogical goals, disciplinary aims, and personal comfort levels with classroom discussions. Yet we all share a desire that our students engage in transformative learning. Come engage with three thoughtful scholars from different perspectives and disciplinary contexts as we consider our responsibilities towards the different voices in our classrooms, their experiences, and their personal growth.

Join us for a panel conversation among contemporary thought leaders Kwok Pui Lan, Viji Sathy, and Jonathan Zimmerman, moderated by our own Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Malcolm Keating.

For those who wish to familiarize themselves with these scholars, you may want to peruse the following examples of their work

You can view the recording of the event HERE.