Daniel Bernstein, “What Does a C Grade Mean?”

22 October 2015 (Thu)
At Programme Room 2, East Core
Speaker(s): Daniel Bernstein

Daniel Bernstein, a world-renowned expert on teaching and assessment, former President of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Educator in Residence at NUS will be giving a talk entitled – “What Does a C Grade Mean?”. This talk will include lunch and begins at noon in the Programme Room 2 of East Core. Come have lunch in a new setting and learn more about assessment and grading from one of the best experts in the field. You should also have a look at our Yale-NUS Assessment and Grading Report, which we can discuss at this talk as well. This is a great chance to hear from an expert about this subject, and discuss with your colleagues some aspects of the Yale-NUS approaches to grading. 

 Here is a Reading Packet (What Does a C Grade Mean?) that you might be interested in as background reading for the session.