Deb Pires Talk & Workshop, February 4 & 5 (Thursday & Friday)

4 February 2016 (Thu)
Speaker(s): Deb Pirez
“Results from Technology-Enhanced Teaching at UCLA.”
February 4,  4:30PM
East Core, Library, Program Room 2

A formal talk to faculty and staff about tech-enhanced teaching in the introductory biology courses at UCLA. The talk will mention our strategies for transforming the curriculum in Introductory Life Sciences at UCLA; the role of technology in changing student retention in STEM majors via teaching and assessment; the rationale for why we needed the transformation; what we already know from other studies and how we utilize it in our own courses; our assessment strategy (short and long-term); and the technology we are using for assessment as well as in our classrooms.

Workshop: “Course Design and Active Learning.” 
February 5, 12:00 PM
East Core, Library, Program Room 2

A workshop on how to design classes with aligned learning goals and assessments and active learning. A workshop on backwards course design to ensure alignment in learning goals and assessments using active learning strategies. Faculty should bring one of their exams and we will try and have everyone leave having created at least one active learning activity to use in their own classes. Will discuss as a group what issues/concepts students find challenging in their own courses. This workshop will present examples of what I do in my own class for some topics and then faculty can work in groups or alone to get started on something to try in their own classrooms.

Here is a Reading Packet (Active Learning) that you might be interested in as background reading for the session.

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