How to Conduct Education Research and Publish It: Guidance for Liberal Arts Faculty

22 November 2017 (Wed) , 5:30pm
At Saga Lecture Theatre 1

A faculty workshop led by Dr. Harry Hubball, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia.

Drawing on extensive international research and supervision experiences with academic leaders in research-intensive universities, this interactive workshop focuses on rigorous and systematic educational inquiry to enhance curricula and pedagogical practices (e.g., strategic approaches to program reform, curriculum renewal, faculty development, pedagogical leadership) within and across diverse institutional and disciplinary contexts. Grounded in research-informed approaches, workshop participants will be engaged in a dialogue around ontological, epistemological (including alignment of well-defined research questions, research methodology, and evidence-based practice in contextually-bound settings) and dissemination considerations (including scholarly writing, journal selection, peer-review strategies) for publishing practice-based educational inquiry.

Download handout and powerpoint from the event.