Integrating Peer Review Exercises into Your Teaching

6 November 2019 (Wed) , 12 PM - 1:30 PM
At CTL Office

Join us for a workshop on “Integrating Peer Review” into your teaching with the Writer Centre’s Tait Bergstrom and Assistant Professor of Sciences Dave Smith. Explore methods of integrating peer review to enhance student learning across the disciplines. Peer review is an effective way to promote peer-to-peer learning, and give students more feedback on their work without adding to your own workload. Peer review exercises also enhance students’ self-awareness of what they are learning and the different ways of approaching their assignments. We will share some recommended approaches and highlight important considerations when designing peer review activities, with special attention to utilizing peer review in group work and team-based learning contexts which are commonly used at Yale-NUS. Staff from Educational Technology will also be on hand to show how to use Canvas to structure peer review exercises.

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