“Teaching as Performance”-Brian Brophy, Hollywood Actor, Professor, Playwright, and Director of Theatre Program (Caltech)

31 March 2016 (Thu) , 4.30 P.M.
At Program Room , Library, East Core

Brian Brophy has worked with students in the United States, India and other countries to develop their abilities to understand complex social issues and to also learn more about themselves. As a professor, theatre and acting has been his medium, and it can also apply to fields outside of theatre. Hear from Brian about his experience producing plays with undergraduates, and the lessons he brings from his acting career to his teaching.  He will provide strategies, conversations and techniques to keep students engaged; along with suggestions on how to  capture teachable moments and encourage learning circles in the  transfer of knowledge between student and teacher.

Here is a Reading Packet (Teaching As Performance) that you might be interested in as background reading for the session.