Teaching During Trauma or Crisis

We hope it will not happen, but at some point our students and perhaps our entire community will experience trauma, loss, or crisis. Students might experience loss of a loved one, a devastating medical condition, a natural disaster back home. Given our international study body, a political or environmental crisis event in any number of countries could have significant impact for individual students. At some point, we might experience crisis on campus impacting the entire community, which could come in any number of forms, such as an outbreak of disease, violent incident, death of a community member, or natural disaster. In the event of such a situation, it will be important to balance 1) giving ourselves time and space to respond to the crisis and 2) continuing to provide our core teaching functions. Here are some resources and approaches for teaching in times of crisis.

  • Remote Teaching: The Media and Classroom Technology (yncav@yale-nus.edu.sg) department can facilitate remote teaching using Zoom video conferencing. The user guide is available via this link. If you need training on Zoom, please contact EdTech (edtech@yale-nus.edu.sg).

Catherine Shea Sanger, Interim Director, CTL