Learning Accommodations

Yale-NUS endeavours that all students studying within the community can access the full range of educational opportunities provided by the College. Whenever possible, appropriate learning accommodations will be provided to all students enrolled at Yale-NUS who have diagnosed learning disabilities and/or special needs that require learning accommodations. The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will provide the necessary support for all students with diagnosed learning accommodations as certified by the National University of Singapore (NUS) University Health Centre (UHC).

Yale-NUS College encourages all students to play an active role in their learning experiences while at Yale-NUS, including communicating with the appropriate Yale-NUS faculty members and staff supporting learning accommodations. Students that have been previously diagnosed with learning disabilities and/or require learning accommodations should share this information through the Health & Wellness section of the First-Year Student form that admitted students receive in mid-May prior to their matriculation, or as soon as possible after being diagnosed with a learning disability. This allows staff members supporting students with learning accommodations to ensure that those students receive timely and appropriate support throughout their academic studies. The University Health Center (UHC) requires that all conditions that may require the certification of learning accommodations be up to date within the previous two years. Learning accommodations can be either temporary or permanent in nature, so students may have to be re-assessed during their studies at Yale-NUS College. Students seeking assessment should contact UHC for a referral.

UHC Contact information — for location and open hours for a review of existing diagnostic materials or to have a new assessment performed:



+65 6601 5035

A list of FAQs on learning accommodation can be found HERE.







A note on confidentiality: All administrative parties involved are expected to uphold confidentiality. However, the nature of the certification process means that several people within Registry and CTL, as well as your faculty, will be aware of the accommodations being provided. All notified parties will be expected to uphold confidentiality, and are not to disclose any identifying information about the student who requires accommodations.

Please contact learning@yale-nus.edu.sg for any inquiries regarding learning accommodation.