Teaching at Yale-NUS

Jane Jacobs

What is distinctive about teaching at Yale-NUS College? Our emphasis on student-centred, active, inquiry-based teaching. Our curriculum was designed from the beginning to bring small groups of students into deep conversation, and inquiry about topics across the academic spectrum. Our professors strive to bring their scholarship into the classroom and approach their subjects with energy and creativity.

Our Centre for Teaching and Learning at Yale-NUS College has gathered profiles of  some of our impactful teachers here on campus and asked them to describe their approach to teaching, and what is special about teaching at Yale-NUS College. Their responses (below) provide insight into our unique Yale-NUS College classroom environments, and the diversity and energy of our Yale-NUS College teaching culture.

Portraits of Teaching at Yale-NUS College:

ANDREW BAILEY  Assistant Professor of Humanities (Philosophy)

CHARLES BAILYN Professor of Science, Dean of Faculty (Astronomy)

ANJU MARY PAUL  Assistant Professor, Social Sciences (Sociology)

CHIN-HAO HUANG  Assistant Professor, Social Sciences (Political Science)

NEIL MEHTA, Assistant Professor of Humanitites (Philosophy)

PHILIP JOHNS  Assistant Professor, Science (Life Science)

STANISLAV PRESOLSKI  Assistant Professor, Science (Physical Science)

MIRA SEO  Associate Professor of Humanities (Literature)

MATTHEW STAMPS  Assistant Professor, Science Division (Mathematics)

JENNIFER SHERIDAN  Assistant Professor, Science (Environmental Studies)