Neil Mehta

Assistant Professor of Humanities (Philosophy)


What is special about teaching at Yale-NUS?

Mehta:  Our students are the most driven that I have ever taught. They demonstrate remarkable discipline in their studies.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Mehta:  I aim to help students become independent scholars – independent in the sense of framing and pursuing their own scholarly questions, and scholars in the sense of having rigorous analytic tools for answering those questions.

Can you recall a moment when you knew your class was going well?

Mehta:  In a recent class on Ibn Tufayl, the students managed to create a detailed map of the core structure of the text on the whiteboard, and during a student-moderated discussion to boot. I was astonished at their capacity to take charge of the seminar.

What do you wish you knew about teaching when you started that you know now?

Mehta:  I have learned to trust students. I treat them as budding scholars with the ability to ask important questions and the desire to seek answers. My responsibility is thus to provide students with the tools to carry out these investigations – and then to get out of their way.