Course Design and Assessment

Yale-NUS College Suggested Syllabus Template

The syllabus is an agreement between the faculty member and the students for your course. The syllabus should tell the students what the course is about, what you expect them to learn, and how they will demonstrate what they have learned through assessment assignments. The syllabus should also include language on core policies on academic integrity, late assignments and discipline-specific issues.

Click here to download the template in Word format.


Course Design

If you are teaching a course for the first time or inventing an entirely new course, we would like to help!  We can help you with literature to design the best possible syllabus, using “assessable learning outcomes” and research-validated techniques. By designing your class from the first with these principles in mind, your students will learn better, and your experience teaching will be better!

We can also help you design assessments within your course to assure student learning, document shifts in attitude, and create results from your course that will inform modifications in the course. This could even enable possible publication of your results in teaching in educational journals. Please contact us at for more information!


Course Assessment

Our Yale-NUS College Centre for Teaching and Learning is happy to help Yale-NUS faculty with mid-semester assessments. If Yale-NUS faculty would like CTL staff to help design an assessment of a course, we are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss some of the options below:

Focus Groups – We can meet with groups of students to discuss the course, and relay our findings to faculty in a confidential manner. These focus groups can be constructed from sub-samples of students in the course or can be conducted in the last 15 minutes of a class, where we would provide facilitation of a discussion of the class and relay our findings to faculty.

Video Recording of Class – We are happy to arrange for a video of classes to be taken, and to consult with faculty afterward to look at the video and review some of the dynamics within the classroom and teaching methods. While it is often difficult to look at oneself while teaching, it can be a helpful way to reveal distracting motions or other issues in the classroom. The results could really help to improve teaching skills in the classroom and are worth it!

Customized Surveys – We can help design unique surveys of classes, and administer those surveys via Canvas or the Qualtrics survey software. These surveys can be designed to assess student attitudes, domain knowledge, and emerging competencies in classes. Such assessments can be very valuable for validating new curricula and innovative teaching, and we are happy to work with faculty to help make the classroom environment an optimal learning environment, as well as a research-validated innovation in higher education!

Consultations – Our staff is happy to just talk one-on-one with faculty to find out how things are going – what is working and what can be improved. We can suggest literature – books, articles, and videos – that might help as courses are taught. Send an email to and we will set up an appointment!