Sharing Your Teaching with the World

Make your classroom visible!  You are doing heroic work with your students, having great moments in the classroom, and seeing the students learning in real time. Let’s make your story visible. Our Center would love to interview you and find out what you are doing that is working well, and how we can help you optimize the class for your students. As part of this process, we will be working closely with the Admissions & Financial Aid and Public Affairs (PA) offices to share the stories of Yale-NUS teaching with the outside world. Some of our efforts include toward this end include:

Short Interviews for our Profiles in Teaching – Our student workers would like to hear your story, and find out more about how you approach your teaching. These short interviews, accompanied with photographs of you in action, will help us share stories of Teaching at Yale-NUS College, and can help inspire and inform other faculty at Yale-NUS, and interested parties hoping to learn more about the unique teaching culture at Yale-NUS College.

Photographic Essays of Teaching – We are happy to arrange for photography from PA and the Educational Resources & Technology (ERT) offices to capture some unique moments in your class. If you are having a great debate, a robot war, or an amazing field expedition to catch wild animals in the field, share some pictures with us for our website, or let us know and we can send someone to help capture these moments!

Video recording of Teaching – In coordination with ERT, we would be happy to record any of the great lectures, activities, and events within your class. Let us know and we can help you to record these great moments and share them with the world!  If there is an amazing lecture coming up in your Common Curriculum course, a fantastic student presentation, or an incredible guest talk, let us know so we can share it with the Yale-NUS College community and outside world!