Peer Observations of Teaching.

Peer observation of teaching enables us as to find areas for improvement, as well as track our growth as educators in the classroom. The following documents prepared by the Center provides all faculty members information on how peer observations are conducted, as well as how one can teach effectively.

Principles of Peer Observations of Teaching. Prepared by the CTL and TLA committee, with information on portfolios, principles of peer observation in classrooms, and some tips and protocols for conducting classroom observations.

Guidelines for Effective Teaching. Prepared by the CTL, this document gives a good overview of some of the criteria for evaluating teaching.

Older documents from 2014 Academic Policy Committee

Faculty Teaching Assessment Guideline Document from 2014.  This document was developed in 2013-14 by the Academic Policy Committee, chaired by Mira Seo, and includes guidelines for classroom observation and common curriculum peer evaluation. This document informed a lot of our current policy and includes a classroom observation mechanism, guidelines and proposed reporting mechanisms.  (this would be linked to the bold document).