April 2017 Learning Symposia

During April 25-26, we offered four pedagogy sessions, jointly offered by the Yale-NUS Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Educational Resources and Technology (ERT) department.

This website contains all the materials from our April Learning Symposium.

  • Intercultural Issues in the Classroom (led by Kristi Lemm and Sara Amjad)
  • Problem-based Learning Scaffolding Technology Enhanced Assignments (led by Nancy Gleason)
  • Creating your teaching portfolio (led by Bryan Penprase)

Intercultural Issues in the Classroom

Students, faculty, and staff at Yale-NUS College come from a wide variety of cultural contexts and lived
experiences. This diversity can at times lead to discomfort in the classroom which, when managed effectively, can be translated into moments of growth and deep learning. In this workshop, Sara Amjad, Intercultural Engagement Program Manager in the Dean of Students Office, and Kristi Lemm, Psychology faculty member and CTL affiliate, will discuss how to deal with the complexities of intercultural communication within the classroom. This workshop will feature discussions of case studies built from data collected through a student survey on diversity and intercultural communication conducted at Yale-NUS College this semester. We will focus on different communication styles that could come up within the classroom setting and discuss strategies to facilitate effective classroom conversations.

Cultural Orientations ModelCultural Orientations Wheel

US Singapore Cultural Gap

Exploring the Differences Between Discussion Debate and Dialogue (PDF)

Faculty Workshop Scenarios – updated_1 (PDF) – These were case studies, inspired by actual Yale-NUS situations, that we discussed in the workshop.

FACILITATION SKILLS – faculty  (PDF) – These are some methods for running a class, that help facilitate discussions.

Problem-based Learning Scaffolding Technology Enhanced Assignments

Bring your syllabus, assignment ideas, or learning goals, and we will workshop creating a new assignment that helps to get at your students’ learning needs using digital media. Digital Media-based assignments like making a movie, or producing a podcast will be detailed. Assigning digital media projects with incremental steps is paramount to ensuring students have ample opportunity to receive constructive feedback as they progress toward a final product. Additionally, these projects often necessitate that students work in teams to mitigate challenges of class size and technical complexity. This session will address the intersection of these scenarios and how faculty can successfully structure media creation assignments in ways that mirror real-world contexts while optimising evidence of student learning. Email Nancy.Gleason@yale-nus.edu.sg if you have questions about the session in advance.

Students-Creators_Questions-handout_April2016 (PDF)

PS138 Storyboard Grading Rubric (PDF)

Teaching Fair Use (PDF)

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Creating your Teaching Portfolio

In this workshop, we will discuss the Yale-NUS College guidelines for creating a Teaching Dossier, and then offer a workshop on how to prepare your teaching portfolio. The goal will be to share many of the “best practices” of teaching portfolios, and some examples of how teaching portfolios can create a portrait of your teaching practice and your development as a teacher. With a template (circulated during the workshop) you can start building a portfolio of evidence that allows you to document your philosophy and influences in teaching, and to provide evidence for how you assess student learning in your classroom. More information and resources for workshop are at https://teaching.yale-nus.edu.sg/resources/teaching-portfolio-resources/.