Yale-NUS Peer Tutoring Programme

The Peer Tutoring programme is designed to bring additional academic support to our students, and an opportunity to teach learning for our tutors. The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides training for peer tutors to ensure they conduct their work in a professional, supportive and ethical manner. Peer Tutoring is offered in the STEM fields, in languages, and in writing. Students may select peer tutors by expertise in the online system: yalenus.mywconline.com

The CTL provides one-on-one peer tutoring and open ‘drop-in’  tutoring services for students. Faculty-approved peer tutors are available to consult with students who wish to enhance their academic potential and refresh their conceptual knowledge. Peer tutors are made available at no cost to the student.

These open drop-in sessions and individual tutoring sessions will aim to supplement the many academic opportunities already available to students through their classes, professors, and course-work at the College, but are not intended to replace these learning opportunities. All students, regardless of their academic standing or motivation for seeking peer tutoring, should meet with their professors regularly to discuss their academic progress in the classroom.

List of Peer Tutors for AY2018/19 Semester 1

Name Subject Area
Chua Scott Lee Economics, Writing
Dhivesh Dadlani Economics
Jessica Hao Chang Economics
Keith Ang Guan Yee Economics
Sambhav Bhandari Economics, Quantitative Reasoning
Horatio Ho Computer Science, Python
Jeremy Yew Computer Science, Python
Lavonna Mark Biochemistry
Aiman Imtiaz Proof
Sultan Aitzhan Proof
Narayani Tulsian Proof
Kota Ishida Linear Algebra, Quantitative Reasoning
Markus Le Roux Linear Algebra, Quantitative Reasoning
Berke Utku Onder Quantitative Reasoning
Larissa Lee Quantitative Reasoning
Elaine Fang Li Quantitative Reasoning
Farheen Asim Quantitative Reasoning, Writing
Kelvin Fung Quantitative Reasoning, Writing
Suyeon Lee Spanish
Rebeca Salazar Spanish
Zhiying Su (Vivien) Spanish
Ahmed Gobba Spanish
Nicholas Lua Sanskrit
Vincent Lee Ancient Greek
Wang Xing Hao Chinese
Jin Yuchen Chinese
Xiao Yang Chinese
Anthea Chua Writing
Chrystal Ho Writing
Danielle Sim Writing
Ernest Tan Writing
Helena Juliette Auerswald Writing
Jolene Lum Writing
Kan Ren Jie Writing
Louis Ngia Writing
Sasha Aman Writing
Syafiqah Nabilah Writing
Tan Qian Hui Writing
Zhu Fangchen Writing

We are Hiring Peer Tutors for AY18/19 Semester 2!

Are you interested in helping your classmates learn material you know well and enjoyed learning yourself? Do you want to make an important impact in your own and other’s education experience at Yale-NUS? Consider applying to be a Yale-NUS Peer Tutor for this coming semester.

Peer tutoring is a special position at the College in which students provide additional learning opportunities to peers. We are currently seeking peer tutors in the following areas:

  • STEM
  • Languages*

*Special note on Language Peer Tutors: For those interested to be a language peer tutor, please contact Eduardo Lage-Otero (eduardo.lageotero@yale-nus.edu.sg) to find out more. Application for language peer tutor to be submitted through this link.


Application Requirement:

Please send your application to teaching@yale-nus.edu.sg with the Subject Line – “Peer Tutor Application (AY18/19 S2) – NAME”.

Include the following documents in your application:

  • CV/Resume
  • a cover letter of 1-2 paragraphs about why you want to be a peer tutor and in what area, and
  • a forwarded email of endorsement from a Yale-NUS Faculty member. Your faculty member recommendation should come from a Professor that is teaching in the area for which you will be supplying content expertise.

Application closes on 14 December 2018.

If you have questions, email: teaching@yale-nus.edu.sg.