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Peer tutoring


About the Programme

The Peer Tutoring programme is designed to bring additional academic support to our students, and an opportunity to teach learning for our tutors. The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides training for peer tutors to ensure they conduct their work in a professional, supportive and ethical manner. Peer Tutoring is offered in the STEM fields, in languages, and in writing. Students may select peer tutors by expertise in the online system:

The CTL provides one-on-one peer tutoring and open ‘drop-in’  tutoring services for students. Faculty-approved peer tutors are available to consult with students who wish to enhance their academic potential and refresh their conceptual knowledge. Peer tutors are made available at no cost to the student.

These open drop-in sessions and individual tutoring sessions will aim to supplement the many academic opportunities already available to students through their classes, professors, and course-work at the College, but are not intended to replace these learning opportunities. All students, regardless of their academic standing or motivation for seeking peer tutoring, should meet with their professors regularly to discuss their academic progress in the classroom.

List of Peer Tutors for AY2017/18 Semester 1 

Name Subject Area
Abhinav Venkatesh Natarajan QR, Math
Adam Goh Hong Yong QR
Ong Kaijing Gin QR & CS
Elaine Fang Li QR & CS
Xiao Linfan (Linda) QR
Khwa Zhong Xuan QR
Sambhav Bhandari QR
Markus Theodorus Le Roux QR, Math
Jeremy Yew Ern CS
Pratyush More CS
Eun Jung Min Organic Chemistry
Jessica Hao Chang (Fred) Economics
Dhivesh Vashdev Dadlani Economics
Anandita Sabherwal Psychology
Silvia Lara Italian
Sherice Ngaserin Ng Jing Ya Sanskrit
Svetlana Kekutiia Russian
Meredith Jane Jett Spanish
Rebeca Julissa Salazar Vallejo Spanish
Claire Inciong Krummenacher Spanish
Kavya Gopal Spanish
Chu Jincong Chinese
Luo Xinyu Chinese
Yuan Yuliang Chinese
Truong Ha Thu Writing
Chrystal Ho Jia Min Writing
Lum Xin Hui, Jolene Writing
Lishani Indumini Ramanayake Writing
Cheryl Nazik Cosslett Writing

Additional student support is available through the following academic support offices:

The Peer Tutoring Handbook provides in-depth details on the training, protocols and practices of Peer Tutors at Yale-NUS College. Please pick up a hard copy at the CTL.

Faculty Seeking a Peer Tutor

We ask faculty to nominate strong students to be peer tutors in a given subject area.

If you are a faculty member seeking a peer tutor to support the subject matter you teach, then please email with the student’s name. Every semester we send a call for nominations out through the Dean’s Friday message for nominations to move forward for the following semester. We do not hire new tutors beyond week 2 of the given semester.

If you have questions, email:

Payment for Peer Tutors

To receive payment, Peer Tutors must fill out this Request For Payment (RFP) form and this Time Sheet.