Yale-NUS Teaching Innovation Grant

Teaching Innovation Grant (TIG) Sponsored by Education Resources and Technology (ERT), Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and the Office of the President. The Teaching Innovation Grants are available to help develop new pedagogies and acquire associated instructional technologies for common curriculum and elective courses. The program provides a transparent funding procedure for recognizing innovative practice and a pathway for sharing results. In collaboration with the President’s office, Teaching Innovation Grants can also be used to support educational collaborations between Yale and Yale-NUS faculty. Yale-NUS faculty members are eligible to receive up to $5,000 to develop their teaching impact through projects that:

·       Catalyze innovative pedagogy,

·       Adopt effective educational technology,

·       Develop and enhance curriculum, and

·       Collaborate with educators around the world.

We hope to capture and disseminate the results of these innovations within our Yale-NUS community and beyond, and the results of the innovations will be presented locally at Yale-NUS, as well as at international disciplinary meetings, and other academic and professional development conferences.


Most Recent Grant Recipients (AY 2020/2021)

Congratulations to the following recipients, who have received funding for their projects!

No. Name Division Project Title
1 Emily Dalton Humanities ACUE Summer Course: Promoting Active Learning Online
2 Carissa Foo Humanities A Non-Platonic Dictionary of Friendship
3 Andrew Hui Humanities Dante Journal of Singapore, Volume 2
4 Lawrence Ypil Humanities Multicultural Creative Writing Pedagogy – A Video Interview Series
5 Ajay Mathuru Science Content development for an introductory level course in a flexible mode
6 Chelsea Sharon Science Tablets as Digital Whiteboards: Enabling Group Remote Problem Solving During COVID-19
7 Francesca Spagnuolo Science ACUE Summer Course: Promoting Active Learning Online
8 Marvin Montefrio Social Sciences Cultivating future food activists: Teaching theories and practices in the urban agriculture movement
9 Valentina Zuin Social Sciences Designing Technology Enabled Experiential Learning

Past Grant Recipients (AY 2019/2020)

No. Name Division Project Title
1 Jane M Jacobs Social Sciences Singapore Building Archive: Using Digital Humanities with Classroom Learning to Generate a Public Resource on Singapore’s Architectural and Urban History
2 Parashar Kulkarni Social Sciences Training for Contemplative Pedagogies in  the Social Sciences
3 Valentina Zuin Social Sciences Experiential and service learning in a Liberal Arts Environment: learning from faculty and programs at Swarthmore and Williams Colleges
4 Nienke Boer Humanities Keywords for Oceanic Literary Study
5 Kevin Goldstein Humanities The Form of World Literature: A Student-Generated Compendium of Literary Devices
6 Matthew Walker Humanities Exploring Philosophy as a Way of Life Pedagogy
7 Stanislav Presolski Science Feeling the Invisible: Building 3D models of molecular structures to improve intuition of the nanoscopic world

Past Grant Recipients (AY 2018/2019)

No. Name Division Project Title
1 Malcolm Keating Humanities Yale-NUS College Philosophy Student Survey
2 Robin Zheng Humanities Writing A Collaborative Philosophy Textbook
3 Sandra Field Humanities Applying political philosophy to real-world cases
4 Chan Kiat Hwa Science Understanding Problem-Based Learning in Chemistry
5 Nicholas Tolwinski Science Developing Effective Strategies for Undergraduate Mentorship in the Life Sciences
6 Jean Liu Social Science Psychology in the Public: Website Development for Student Coursework
7 Paul A. O’Keefe Social Science Promoting A Growth Mindset of Interest and Intelligence Among Yale-NUS College Students
8 Shian-Ling Keng Social Science Exploring the Role of Contemplative Inquiry and Education at Yale-NUS


Past Grant Recipients (AY 2017/2018)

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Collaborating with peers at Yale University and University of Wisconsin on IAALLT 2017 project

By Associate Director of Language Studies and Senior Lecturer of Spanish, Humanities Division, Eduardo Lage-Otero

A Database of Teaching Resources for CSI


By Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Social Sciences Division,  Anju Paul

Sharing strategies for teaching climate change in the humanities at ASLE conference 2017

By Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Social Sciences Division, Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

Teaching “Proof” through Peer Feedback Software

By Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Science Division, David Andrew Smith

Sharing analyses of “Biolab” at The Drosophila Research Conference

By Assistant Professor of Biology, Science Division, Nicholas Tolwinski

Classifying Signals Supplement

By Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, Science Division, Philip Johns

Yale-NUS Journal of Dante Studies

By Assistant Professor of Literature, Humanities Division, Andrew Hui

Past Grant Recipients (AY 2016/2017)

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Matthew Walker Jean Liu

Writing and Teaching Philosophy

By Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Humanities Division, Matthew Walker


Foundations of Science and Conversion Biology

By Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Science Division, Jennifer A Sheridan


Psychology in Public Policy

By Assistant Professor of Psychology, Social Sciences Division and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Jean Liu

Learning Diversity in Conceptual Calculus and Applied Calculus

By Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Science Division, Matthew Stamps


Collaborative Teaching for Advanced Chinese

By Senior Lecturer of Linguistics, Humanities Division, Hu Jing