TIG Recipient AY2016/2017

Hu Jing, Senior Lecturer of Linguistics, Humanities Division



Using the TIG, I developed a project to enhance Yale-NUS College advanced Chinese courses through collaborations with Yale University and Swarthmore College. The goal was to allow my students to share opinions with their peers from those two colleges. I also sought to share my pedagogical methods, teaching materials and knowledge in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language with my colleagues from the two colleges. With TIG support, I was able to make collaborative visits to the Chinese Program and Language Center at Yale University in the last week of the November 2016 and Chinese Program at Swarthmore College in the first week of the December 2016. I observed Advanced Chinese classes on both campuses.

Part of the purpose of my visit was to lay the groundwork for a collaborative online communication scheme between Chinese language students from all three campuses in order to increase opportunities for practice. To do this I created a class blog and video conferencing platform to allow students from all three campuses to partake in distant teaching and learning experiences together.





As a result of the fruitful discussions after classes, my American colleagues showed great interest in our teaching methods and learning outcomes at Yale-NUS. Both institutions expressed desire in further collaborations in the future. I remain in contact with them, sharing new ideas and pedagogies, and continue communication between and amongst our students as part of the language learning process.

The TIG ultimately allowed my teaching at Yale-NUS College to have an international perspective. I am applying several different approaches I learned on my trip to my Semester 2 2017 courses and will continue collaborations with Yale University and Swarthmore College.

I also attended the New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese in May 2017.At this conference I was able to shared what I gained from this TIG experience with my colleagues and contribute to discussions on liberal arts pedagogy in the languages.